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First Time Membership

Greetings Latino Brothers & Sisters:

We, the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of the Treasure Coast, would like to encourage all of you to let your voices be heard loud and clear by voting during all elections. Our democracy and freedom are being threatened so your vote is paramount. Your best interest is on the side of the Democratic party because Democrats support immigrant rights (do not forget what happened at our borders when Latino children were caged and/or separated from their parents). The republican party did this. That is the party that sought to build a wall to keep Latinos out of America. Democrats also support voting rights for all Americans, civil rights, equal opportunity, job training and educational opportunities, (do not forget the Dreamers Act, which allowed undocumented children who were brought to America by their parents when they were young, to go to college). These are the core beliefs of Democrats. Your Power is in Your Vote! So, vote for DEMOCRATIC candidates. Please feel free to contact the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of the Treasure Coast via email at: We would be happy to answer all your questions.

General Memberships

Our membership application can be downloaded here. Our membership dues are $20 annually and are due at the December meeting for the following year. You can pay your membership dues by clicking on the DONATE button on the bottom of the page. You can scan the membership application (both pages), and email them to us at You may also mail the application to POB 880486, Port Saint Lucie 34988.

Student Memberships

We welcome students to join the Democratic Hispanic Caucus. Students can be sponsored by anyone at any time. Contact us if you are a student seeking membership via email at:  

Gen Z and Millennial Forum

If you are members of the Gen Z and Millennial population, we would like to invite you to participate in our Meet & Greet  Forum, (M&G) and listen to your ideas. Also, we would like to invite you to our monthly ZOOM meetings.  You may reach out to us and provide your contact info via email at, so that we may send you the link to these meetings.

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