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Our Team.

Patricia Garcia-King, BSBM, CIPS, President

Patricia Garcia King is a long-term resident of Port St. Lucie. She has a BS degree in Business Management & Administration from St. Peter’s University. She also achieved post graduate work in Construction Management. She was a real estate investor and worked in real estate sales for many years. She serves on many professional Boards and participate in many civic organizations. Patricia Garcia King has  provided tutoring to the Big Brother, Big Sister organization and more recently, to Hispanics in Action on the Treasure Coast.

In July 2022, Patricia Garcia King took on the role of president of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of the Treasure Coast when the position became vacant. She is bilingual and as a business leader, she has always engaged the Latino community. Patricia Garcia King has always felt strongly about furthering Hispanic culture wherever she lived.




E. Theresa Bramble, MS Ed., Vice President

Theresa Bramble began her professional career as a teacher at the infamous Brooklyn Technical High School. However, she was recruited to healthcare. She is a long-term Regulatory Ethics & Compliance professional in healthcare. Theresa Bramble joined the caucus at the inception because of her passion to help the Latino community. She has a proven track record of her commitment for working with Latinos on the Treasure Coast.

Theresa was the organizer of the 2019 & 2020 Pathways to Citizenship programs which help Latinos complete and submit immigration application for citizenship. The cost of the applications was paid for via a grant program. She plans to do more Pathways to Citizenship programs, specifically for the benefit of Latinos on the Treasure Coast. Theresa Bramble also provides tutorial services on American Civics and Immigration vocabulary for Latinos who are seeking citizenship and who want guidance on passing the immigration test. Theresa also started a Diaper Program for Latino women with children who were sexed trafficked from Latin countries. 




Phyllis M. Wilson, Ph D., Treasurer

Dr. Wilson is a retired educator who began her career as an elementary school teacher and counselor in the Chicago Public Schools. After a move to Ohio, she occupied a number of administrative positions both with Montgomery County Schools in Dayton, Ohio and the Columbus Public Schools in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Wilson also served as an Adjunct Professor for a number of years with Capella University. Her final position as an educator was that of Superintendent for eleven years with District 86 in Joliet, Illinois. Her student population in Joliet was close to 49% Hispanic. Having the opportunity to interact with her Hispanic students and their families gave her a greater understanding of their experiences as citizens and members of the community. Dr. Wilson’s goal was always to provide the best educational opportunities possible for her students. It is this line of thinking that made her appalled at the way those who came to our borders were treated by the administration in charge - children separated from their parents, children in cages, etc. Dr. Wilson’s reaction to such heartless and uncaring actions caused her to become part of the Treasure Coast Democratic Hispanic Caucus. By doing so, she hoped to be a part of shedding light on the significant differences between the political parties as well as using the sympathy and empathy she felt towards the Hispanic population who were now targets of hate and bias. It is her hope that being an active member of the Caucus, she can once again make a positive difference in the lives of those so affected by the negative behavior of members of the opposing party.

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