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March 11, 2023 from 3 PM to 5 PM at McChesney Park located at 1585 Cashmere Blvd., in Saint Lucie West.

Democrats:  President Biden's Economic Plan Benefits

  • A record 12 million jobs created since the President took office - almost as many jobs in 2 years as any President ever has in a four-year term.

  • 800,000 manufacturing jobs created in the last two years - a faster recovery than any other business cycle since 1953.

  • Lowest unemployment rate in 54 years - just 3.4%.  Black (5.4%) and Hispanic (4.5%) unemployment near record lows.

  • Annual inflation fell for the last six months to the lowest annual inflation in more than a year.

  • Biden'ts Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Law, CHIPS Act, and Inflation Reduction Act helped our economy recover from a crisis and are laying the foundation for strong and stable growth.

Republicans:  House Republicans' MAGA Proposed Economic Plan

  • Propose increase taxes on working families with a 30% national sales tax.

  • Make gas prices more expensive.

  • Worsen inflation and increase the deficit by letting wealthy tax cheats off the hook.

  • Propose big cuts to Social Security and Medicare

  • No plan to address employment/jobs.

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